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Tray and Sleeve Packaging

Buy our better quality Tray Sleeves and get neat and clean tray all time!
Instruments and medicines are placed on top of Disposable Plastic Tray Sleeves directly, which is generally indented to keep your trays clean for a long time. Dentalxiangpi Inc is feeling proud to hold high-quality Tray Sleeves. By using our professional Dental Tray Sleeves, all doctors and dental professionals can securely give to infectivity control and creating hygienic surroundings for your patients. As always, Dentalxiangpi Inc is dedicated to providing a total solution to be concerned for you and your patients. Dentalxiangpi Inc’s Disposable Tray and Sleeve Packaging have a robust lock design on top that wraps the entire medical tray. Moreover, the tray sleeves completely replace the paper tray covers and reduce the time spent on cleaning of trays.

Dentalxiangpi Inc’s Tray Sleeves Cover the whole trays which significantly reduce the prospect of the cross-contamination. As of the exclusive design of open lock top, there are only two sizes which are needed and must be fitted with all size trays for any purpose.

There are multiple features and benefits of Tray Sleeves that we offer to our clients, such as –
• Lock top design which covers the entire body of the tray
• Significantly decreases the prospect of the cross-contamination
• Replaces the paper tray covers
• Provides complete protection against the airborne
• Minimizes the cleaning time of trays
• Hygienic and safe for you and your patients
• Accommodates with all sizes of trays
• Latex-free
• Disposable

Tray Sleeves Plastic by Dentalxiangpi Inc provides better protection and safety than most paper covers accessible in the market. Our tray sleeves cover the whole surface of the tray that increases both the sanitation level and professionals appearance. Thus, buy the top-notch plastic sleeves from our exclusive range of products.

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