Technical Capability

The company uses advanced technology to produce high-quality medical aid products by utilizing the services of optimal process parameters in an effective manner. Beside this, it conducts intensive studies on the identification of raw materials using advanced technologies so that the company would be able to get good quality materials from different vendors.

To make a stable raw material, the company utilizes the services of the batching system which has been equipped with high accuracy and capacity. In addition to this, the company also uses DE bubbling technology so as to mitigate the pin-hole rate in the manufacturing of raw material in an effective manner. The help from the raw material suppliers such as Formosa Plastic is taken so as to enhance innovative corporate research.

Besides, the advanced technology is also used in the production process so as to enlarge the size of launder, enlarging the dropping section and to shorten the two-layer oven in the PVC production lines so as to closely and effectively monitor oil-heating pipelines.

Furthermore, twice dipping techniques have been utilized in the nitrile production lines so as to minimize the breach of security. Also, the plasticization process of the product uses temperature gradient control so as to minimize the level of wastage and production of only those material which is required.

Eco-Friendly Products

It is one of those company which uses DOTP plasticizer to meet the requirement of environmental protection. It also uses various water recycling process such as denitrification and desulfurization to minimize the wastage of water. It also reuses the recovered mineral oil and utilizes the services of gas recovery system to use low gas discharge system as per the national standard.

Production Scale

The given company produces sustainable products at a large scale of 1 billion pieces per year as per the demand of international customers in effective weight, length, and color which provides immense satisfaction to the customers effectively.

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