Disposable Dental Barrier Film

About Us

Dentalxiangpi Inc is a leading manufacturer of Barrier sleeves disposable products. We here at Dentalxiangpi Inc. provide you with the best quality products that are needed by doctors, nurses, surgeons as well as physicists in hospitals and clinics all across the country. We pioneer at giving you high-quality products that are required by any specialist in the medical profession. Our team promises products that are user-friendly and completely safe to use. Our products are successfully made by an excellent team who constantly tries to be at its best. We’re appreciated for our work all over the country.

Various features that describe our organization and its working and products are as follows:

• Over 100 employees, specializing in the R and D, production, and sales of products.
• They are equipped with the leading automation equipment and control systems.
• High-quality products that are necessarily required in medicine
• Minimization of discomfort and distress for the patients as well as doctors and nurses.
• Our products are confirmed to have high standards and we constantly try to achieve the international quality norms.
• Designed as per the requirement in order to provide the best results.
• Assurance of safety.
• Availability of modern facilities.

We are prominent manufacturers of our particular products that are portable and easy to use. Our products like Dental Barrier Films, full chair sleeves, Half Chair Sleeves, headrest sleeves, plastic shawls, powder-free gloves, syringe sleeves, and tray sleeves are being manufactured with the best materials and with the best facilities that ensure all- quality, safety and best results.

At Dentalxiangpi Inc., we know we are in a business of providing products that are essential for a patient’s health, so we are aware of our responsibilities. We assure you that we make no compromises.

Chair Sleeves Full, Full Chair Sleeve, Dental Chair Sleeves, Full Chair Covers
Barrier Sleeves
Chair Sleeves Full, Full Chair Sleeve, Dental Chair Sleeves, Full Chair Covers
Headrest Sleeves, Headrest Cover
Dental Chair Cover Suppliers, Affordable Chair Covers
Tray Sleeves, Tray and Sleeve Packaging

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