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Disposable wears or coveralls are one ideal option for people to protect themselves from infection causing germs while working in the contaminated environment. Not only does these turn out to be useful for people, but also some breakable or damageable possessions like syringes, trays etc.

Manufactured with the good quality non-woven material, this lightweight product works really hard towards being a barrier for some non-toxic constituents, including spray, liquids or dust. One must know, that these easy to wear and remove garment is multipurpose and can be used by people invarying industries, especially the ones working in unsafe environment.

The product holds various other benefits, despite of just protecting people and possessions from damaging, some of which are:

  • Too much affordable for people to use as a protection.
  • Person can use this for more than one time.
  • Comfort of this garment makes it easy for people to use them.

People are usually found confused about the variety of disposable wears, they can afford to find in the market. Well, there are many and the need of each type depends upon the industry, one is concerned with. Boot Covers, Lab Coats, Chair sleeves, Plastic Shawl, Syringe and Tray Sleeves, etc. are some of the various types.

Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Barrier Sleeves Disposables, Dentalxiangpi Inc deals with providing, maximum of these above-mentioned infection control products. Personal protection is a necessity while working in the hazardous environment, and Dentalxiangpi knows it perfectly.

While dealing with the dental personalized disposable products, Dentalxiangpi Inc makes sure on serving the clinics with some best quality barrier products that can make the patients, the staff and also the equipment stay safe.

Barrier Sleeves

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Barrier Sleeves


Disposable Dental Barrier Film

Technical Capability

The optimal process parameters and conditions for the production of medical grade productsSuperior formulation by intensive studies on raw materials and specific material property from different vendo

Disposable Dental Barrier Film

Production Scale

production scale of about 1 billion pieces per yearSustainable and stable supply ability favored by those international renowned customers Provision of customized service based on the different demand

Disposable Dental Barrier Film

Environment- Friendly Products

One of the few companies in the industry using DOTP plasticizer to meet environment protection requirement.Use of cutting edge desulfurization and denitrification equipment meeting the minimum dischar

Barrier sleeves

Barrier Sleeves

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